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What is the difference between SDET and QAWhat is the difference between SDET and QA

The focus of the business model has shifted to the customer. This suggests that the client’s concept as the king is being prioritized. Therefore, corporate firms must recognize the importance of client happiness as a requirement.

Software Testing has become an essential step in software development to ensure this satisfaction. Furthermore, adopting the Agile methodology and the requirement to accelerate market responsiveness have only accelerated the creation of new professional positions in the testing industry.

Additionally, this has led to confusion and the replacement of several professionals. Let’s see about the difference between SDET and QA:

Who is a Quality Analyst?

As implied by the name, quality assurance is in charge of guaranteeing the caliber of a software package. Quality assurance is commonly used to refer to the person in charge of monitoring and verifying that software development processes adhere to quality assurance standards as a replacement for testers. 

Despite this, the quality analyst position is primarily and mindlessly linked to manual testing. Nevertheless, it is possible that these persons also perform Automated Testing. If you want to learn a online courses for qa testing, join reputed online course-providing institution.  

What is SDET?

A software development engineer in testing combines the skills of a test engineer and a developer. An SDET can assist in automating the testing process and is involved in the project from the beginning of planning. In testing, a software development engineer is a developer.

On the other hand, a QA Engineer possesses a comprehensive understanding of diverse testing procedures and approaches. Additionally, you must be knowledgeable about test environments, bug reporting, data management, and troubleshooting. To learn the quality assurance testing courses, selecting H2k Infosys will be a great option.

Skills needed for the position: SDET vs QA

Skills required for jobs also differ because of the differences in the tasks and responsibilities of the two positions. A QA needs to be proficient in creating and managing issues, writing and executing test cases, and using test tools like Selenium. The only programming skills required of a QA engineer are minimal.

On the other hand, a software development engineer working in testing has to possess extensive knowledge of many programming languages and be capable of comprehending the development procedure. Additionally, they must be able to convert client requirements into test cases.

Working with developers, testers, and clients requires SDETs to have strong communication and leadership abilities. To work well with different teams, SDETs must possess exceptional people skills.

Key differences between SDET and QA roles

Skill set

The generation of test cases, defect reporting, and manual testing are prioritized in QA. In addition to testing knowledge, SDET demands proficiency in software development, test automation, and coding.

Automated testing

Create and manage automated test scripts and models with testing tools and computer languages. To speed up testing cycles, automate important and repetitive test scenarios.


Software quality assurance is the main goal of manual testing and following testing schedules. The main goals of SDET are to integrate testing into the development cycle, automate testing procedures, and provide testing frameworks.

Involvement in development

After development stage, quality assurance often involves testing software to predetermined standards. Early engagement by SDET improves code quality and testability from the beginning of the development cycle.

Tools and technologies

Quality assurance uses testing tools for manual testing, defect tracking, and test case management. SDET uses CI and CD tools, testing frameworks, and programming languages to create an automated testing infrastructure.

Employed testing methodology

The black-box tester is the QA engineer. All that matters to them is that every component works. 

Compared to QA engineers, SDETs have more responsibilities. Furthermore, a software engineer working in testing must know various programming languages and testing instruments.

Parting words

From the above detailed information, you will learn about the difference between SDET and QA. Although both QA and SDET positions are essential to guarantee software quality, their methods and specializations differ. 

Comprehending these differences facilitates organizations in efficiently defining roles and duties, allowing QA and SDET teams to work together to produce reliable and superior software.