Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Selenium certificationSelenium certification

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a testing tool that can be plugged into Mozilla Firefox. It is very easy to install, easy to use as well user-friendly. Selenium IDE works on the principle of record and playback, and easy learning and the creation of test scripts are good for all types of testing. If you enrol in a Selenium Certification, you will learn the features of Selenium IDE. The advanced knowledge will help you to prospect your career. Here let’s look at the features of Selenium IDE and understand them.  

Automatically Record Test Cases

Selenium IDE automatically records test cases by interaction with a web application or website. If you are an expert, then you have the option to disable it. When the test script is recorded, commands are being automated. Based upon the tests performed by the developer or tester, commands are being inserted. 

In-Build Assertion Functionality

When test scripts are built, users get the option to verify and add asserts to test scripts. Users will know the properties of web pages using the commands. When the users click the element, the text box automatically pops up on the web page, which shows a list of verifying and asserts commands. As users continue to use Selenium IDE, the list expands from time to time. 

Comes With Multiple Actions

Selenium IDE runs on multiple sets of commands which is popularly known as the Selenese. It is a type of command that helps the tester or developer define what IDE cares about. When users test websites, it is an essential part of a virtual environment. There are three types of commands: Actions, Assertions and Assessors. 

Responsive Web Bugs 

Selenium IDE pinpoints the actual cause of frontend bugs. Every selenium IDE script runs with the visual grid that helps to analyze the Applitools Root Cause Analysis. Easily can find the bug and can fix it easily. 

Third-Party Plugins Support

You can make use of the third-party plugins in your Selenium IDE. With the plugins, some of the volume load testing cloud, production application monitoring service or uploading scripts to a cloud. 

Selenium IDE Is Now Cross-Browser

When the record and playback tool rolled out in the market, there were a lot of hitches. Now, selenium IDE is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, IE Safari Add-on. Selenium IDE took the script, saved it as a .side file, and run with the browser driver’s help such as Geckodriver, SafariDriver, ChromeDrover and IE Driver. 

Visually Test Responsive Web Apps

When testing the visual UI of the responsive web apps, it is better to do it on different screen sizes to ensure that nothing appears out of the whack. With the visual grid, you can find web pages with more than 50 combinations of emulated devices, browsers and viewport sizes. 

Wrapping It Up

Hope you have understood the amazing features of the selenium IDE. While you enrol in the course, you will better explore the selenium IDE feature and its trending technologies. Therefore, you can excel in your career.