Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Selenium Tutorial: All You Need to Know About Selenium WebDriver

The testing community uses a collection of technologies called Selenium, mostly for cross-browser testing. It does not work with desktop apps but is limited to browser automation. Programming languages supported by Selenium include C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and PHP. Testers can create test cases in any language they choose, which adds to Selenium’s allure as a flexible option. Here mentioned are the information about Selenium WebDriver:

What is Selenium WebDriver?

As a web framework, Selenium WebDriver facilitates the execution of cross-browser tests. Its main objective is to automate web-based application testing so that programs run as planned. One of its main characteristics is the freedom to choose a programming language for creating test scripts. More institutions offer online Selenium training for the benefit of the students. You can join the course if you are interested in the specific field. 

Benefits of Selenium WebDriver:

  • Open-source nature:

The open-source nature of Selenium WebDriver is a major benefit when using it for automated testing. It is completely free of cost and offers all the features of QTP plus many more. It is simple to use and can be found on the official website. Support for this tool is easily obtainable due to its community-driven methodology.

  • Cross-browser compatibility testing:

Compared to previous versions, Selenium WebDriver provides a wider range of benefits when it comes to automated testing, especially when it comes to cross-browser testing. It allows testing on a wide range of popular browsers. WebDriver is an automatic and effective method for cross-browser testing websites.

  • Mouse and keyboard emulation:

WebDriver’s ability to accurately mimic real-world user interactions by efficiently handling keyboard and mouse events is one of its most important features. The API’s Advanced User Interactions feature includes the necessary action classes for these events. This functionality goes beyond simple mouse clicks and keystrokes to have more complex operations like drag and drop, click-and-hold, and multi-item selection.

  • Harnessing code integration:

Code integration provides a major benefit of speeding up test cycles for automation testing with Selenium WebDriver. The same programming language that developers use is available to testers. For example, testers don’t have to go to a different page to do an indirect check when they can directly access the application’s data model to confirm that a date field has been updated in the database. This simplifies the process by optimizing the automation of data flow.

How to use Selenium WebDriver?

WebDriver provides an easy-to-use and practical method for job automation in several web browsers. You can watch Selenium tutorials online to gain a wide range of knowledge. Major browser vendors are supported, which makes setting up Selenium for automation easier. There are usually seven standard phases in Selenium test scripts that apply to all test cases and applications under test. 

Consider a WebDriver as an intermediary that facilitates communication between two entities. Though they cannot make their point, one has intriguing and valuable things to say. Then, you require an interpreter. 

One such interpreter is Selenium WebDriver. It enables communication between your code and various browser drivers. Elements locators are used to create test cases when using Selenium for testing. Using a Selenium element finder, you find your elements. Then, you can take action on those items using WebDriver.

Script Basics for Selenium WebDriver

  • Get a WebDriver instance started.
  • Open an online page.
  • Find a web element on the page using Selenium locators.
  • Apply one or more user functions to the component.
  • Preload the desired result or the browser’s reaction to the activity.
  • Execute the test.
  • Keep track of the outcomes and contrast them with the anticipated output.

One must be acquainted with Selenium WebDriver’s basic commands to run tests.

Final thoughts:

You can also enroll in the software testing certification program, which will teach you how to use Selenium WebDriver to automate web applications. Several institutions offer the best online training in Selenium, so you can use the opportunity to keep yourself updated.