Mon. May 20th, 2024
Scrum Master Job Roles and Responsibilities in Agile Methodology

A scrum master is one of the famous facilitators for an agile development team. Agile is the methodology that allows scrum master to manage the team to self-organize with the several stages and involves constant collaboration with stakeholders. A scrum master is popularly known as the servant leaders who are worked as the motivator and leader for the agile team. The scrum master will help to establish a high-performing team dynamic and educate the team on agile processes. Here are some things that are considered to explain the scrum master roles and responsibilities in agile methodology. 

What is Scrum Master?

The scrum master is the servant leader of the development team of the scrum. They are responsible for championing a project and providing guidance to their team and product owner. Scrum masters should help the scrum team to understand the need for a clear and concise product with the backlog items. They should facilitate with the stakeholder’s collaboration about the definition of product goal and product backlog management. 

If you are interested in becoming a scrum master, then there is the best option to choose the scrum guide. The scrum guide will explain about the set of roles, rules, values and rituals that should be followed to get the optimum benefit of the scrum. Apart from this, you have many online platforms that are there to explain the benefits of the agile scrum master certification process. So make use of these things to become a best-certified scrum master.

Roles and responsibilities of scrum master

A scrum master should collaborate with all the developed members of the team and for each specific role. When it comes to becoming a certified scrum professional to the company, it has certain conditions. The person who is interested in the role of scrum master, they should prepare for the basic scrum master interview questions based on the agile methodology. It will determine the candidate, if they focus on the overall projects to improve continuously. 

Let’s try and understand the challenges faced by the scrum master roles and responsibilities:

Role of Scrum Master

The role of scrum master in the team is responsible for ensuring the team lives agile with the values and principles. They should have the work to oversee the entire process and make it as effective and relevant. They are the servant leader of the developed team and they take responsibility for championing a project and providing guidance to the team and product owner. The essential skills that are needed for the role of scrum master as follows:

  • Shielding the team
  • Conflict resolution
  • Facilitate meeting
  • Coaching agile practices
  • Forecasting
  • Removing impediments
  • Creating communication channel with their team, product owner and stakeholder

Scrum master’s service – Product owner:

In every field, the scrum master will be helping their product owners in several ways. They should help to find the techniques for maintaining the effective product goal and product backlog management. Every scrum master will facilitate the stakeholder’s collaboration as requested or needed for the product. 

They should guide their team and product owners in more ways including:

  • Formulating techniques for effective product backlog management
  • Helping their team to understand the need for clear and concise product backlog items
  • Understanding and practicing with the agile methodology
  • Helping the product owners to understand the product planning in an empirical environment

Scrum master’s service – a development team

The scrum master will improve the value of their team members to facilitate the development of working software and help the development team for delivering the product increment. They help everyone to use these interactions collaboratively to maximize the value which is created by the team.

  • The scrum master will help the development team to create high-value products.
  • They should facilitate the scrum events which are requested or needed.
  • The servant leaders will remove the project impediment that stands in the way of team productivity.

Scrum master’s Service – Organization

The scrum master should become a change agent for their organization. They will treat their organization as a holistic system, and help to improve the organizational impediments to plan and adopt the scrum. The agile methodology will help the scrum master to understand the goals, scope and product domain of an organization.

  • The scrum master should act as a change agent of an organization to increase the productivity of the team.
  • Helping employees and stakeholders to understand and implement the method of scrum practices.
  • The servant-leader should lead and coach the organization to get a successful scrum adoption. 
  • Scrum masters should work with their development team to increase the effectiveness of the applications of the scrum in their organization.

Responsibilities of scrum master

Scrum Master is responsible for creating the team and on boarding project teams and helping to integrate them into the organization and providing a clear vision of the product. They also facilitate communication and information exchange between external groups and the project team. Every servant leader will lead the agile development team and support to the product owners by relaying updates to relevant employees. One of the main responsibilities of the scrum master is to ensure the company gains the maximum value from the product.


The scrum master should act as the leader and coach for both the development team as well as the product owner. They will help to remove the barriers between the roles and enable the product owner to directly drive the development of an organization. They always focus on their team and find some effective way to take its performance to the next level. 

Servant leader

The scrum master will also refer to as a servant leader. They should encourage their team and help them to realize their potential for improving their product goals. One of the main objectives of the scrum master is to enhance and increase the teamwork to the personal involvement of an organization.

To become a servant leader they must have some qualities include:

  • Listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Cultivating a culture of trust
  • Acting with humidity
  • Encouraging others

Interference shield

The interference shield of a scrum master should help the team by protecting from outside interference that comes in the way of delivering the business. They should act as an interceptor and solve the issues made by the development team. They are working with the responsibility of following aspects:

  • Sprint planning meeting
  • Sprint retrospectives
  • Sprint reviews
  • Daily scrum

The bottom line

A scrum master has the ability to coach the team in the values, principles and processes of the Scrum framework. The role of the scrum master is to work with the development team, product owner as well as the entire organization for the implementation of the Scrum framework.