Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

The demand for QA testing continues to grow as more firms across many industries recognize the need for quality assurance professionals for the success of their products. Meanwhile, when new and smarter technologies are introduced, the testing lifecycle’s efficacy rises. Because the QA testing industry is ever-changing, it is critical to keep up with the new QA trends. 

Most of the hiring managers are looking for professionals who make new trends in automation testing. The quality assurance training helps you to provide advanced QA testing services to your customers. QA trainers also have a list of some of the most anticipated new trends in software testing to keep you up to date. Hence, you should know about the career opportunities in quality assurance.

Security testing

Quality assurance also plays a major role in security testing. Security testing will be one of the most important growing topics in software testing. This is because of increasing software and product security, and all sectors are becoming more conscious of the necessity of security. 

Additionally, this trend indicates that firms in all industries should focus more than ever on maintaining the security of their software. Nowadays, cybersecurity will be a significant deal, therefore corporations will have to spend a lot of money assessing the security of their goods. Testing the security of their company, many hiring managers are looking for professionals who have their knowledge in software quality testing.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Machine learning and artificial Intelligence are both important future paths. Thus software quality assurance professionals also spot these programs. The importance of AI in automated testing cannot be overstated. These technologies were used by quality assurance teams to prioritize test cases, predict test quality, detect test objects, classify problems, and interact with applications under test, among other things. 

Therefore, both machine learning and artificial intelligence have their uses in software testing, and this trend is likely to continue. AI in software testing is expected to be used in all areas of testing that include analytics and reporting, including defect analytics, log analytics, predictive analytics, test suit optimization, and verifying that test requirements are covered. The use of machine learning to test automation has the potential to take the entire QA lifecycle to a new level. 

Career opportunities

Being a quality assurance specialist is a unique career path. While each company’s quality control QA experts operate uniquely, they are looking for quality assurance and certification. If you complete QA training and certification, then you can get many career opportunities in future. Some career opportunities of QA professionals such as,

  • Product manager
  • Roles in DevOps
  • Leader in Customer Experience
  • Architect for the enterprise
  • Quality Engineering

The Bottom line

Every day, the world of online environments expands and presents new obstacles to the software testing business. Businesses that want to get the most out of their software development must stay up with current software development trends, including security and performance best practices. As a result, most companies prefer to hire people who have QA certification and also they are high in demand.