Mon. May 20th, 2024
Features and Advantages of .Net framework

.Net Framework is a software development platform and it is developed by Microsoft for building and running the application for windows. The .Net framework consists of developer tools and libraries to build desktop and web applications. Mainly, it is used to build websites, web services and game development. In the present time, some platforms are taking dot net online course and it is beneficial for those who are learning a.Net from their convenient place. 

The .Net framework supports the construction and operations of various applications. It includes a Framework Category Library and Customary language Runtime that provides an ability to understand language across many programming languages. For your career, .Net course online makes you be a talented, versatile and sought after in the programming area. 

The Visual studio and dot net training are improving your essential skills to build and deploy the robust apps for windows, websites and mobile apps. It is the most significant concepts that are related to it as OOP, Microsoft Framework Architecture and web services. The advantages and benefits of the .Net Framework are listed below:

Features of .Net Framework

Multiple language support

The .Net Framework provides multiple language support by maintaining the compilers that are used to convert an intermediate Language source from the intermediate Language to a native code. Mainly, it enforces the safety and security of a program. The common type system and metadata is the basis of multiple language support. Common Language Runtime is used for the basic data type and it is common to all languages. In the same way, all languages deal with all data types. In this also a mechanism for managing and defining a new type. 


The system security is managed by Common Language Runtime through user and identity of code are coupled with a permission check. The code identity and use of resource permission are granted accordingly. The major features of .Net are a type of security. The support for role-based security using a window group are also provided by .Net Framework.

Automatic Resource Management

Efficient and automatic resource management is provided by .Net Common Language Runtime and resource management such as network connections, memory and database etc. 

To allocate the .Net Framework built-in function and deallocates the memory of .Net objects are invoked by Common Language Runtime. Especially, the programmers need not write a code in a detailed manner to allocate and deallocate the program memory.   

Rich and easy debugging support

An easy and rich debugging support is provided by .Net Integrated Development Environment. At a run time, once an exception occurs then the programs are stopped and Integrated Development Environment is marked a line where the error occurs. 

Memory management and controls of strongly type information

The memory management will complete all the processors by Familiar Language Runtime. It has an efficiency to check the resources that do not seem to be utilized by the operating system. The garbage collector has operated a usual interval and manages to examine the resources of the system consequently, which are not used and free them. Currently, you have an information centre that may be strongly written. You need to assign the properties of an item that is aiming to be related to the controls of information are utilized in your pages of .aspx.

 Advantages of .Net

Requires less coding and enhance reprocess of a code

Object-oriented programming is operated by its structure that gets rid of an excess code and it associates the less writing of a code for developers. Especially .Net has the usual code and reusable elements. It interprets the timesaving and less price to create the applications. 


The .net framework makes an arrangement simple for post-development with options like sharing controlled code, personal elements, side by side versioning. Execution of code surroundings is assisting the execution of code safely so that the code’s structure can be reduced in the software development and making the version of upper. It reduced the performance issues of a scripted environment.

Final thoughts

Therefore, these are certain things that you need to know about the features and advantages of the .Net Framework. Follow the above-mentioned guide and learn the .Net Framework for your career.