Sat. Apr 20th, 2024
A simple guide for beginners to learn javaA simple guide for beginners to learn java

Java is the most popular programming language for software development. Learning java will open a door for you as a developer regardless of your end goal or skill level. There are many reasons why everyone is mastering java. Some of the reasons are it deals with a real-world problem, boosts your career, and java skills are transferable. Also, it is very easy to learn java for beginners. Java is an object-oriented, secure, and multithreaded language. The security models of java safeguard against viruses. It is very easy to track down errors in your code since it is statically typed. Few people may think learning java is very difficult, but it is easier than you think. This simple guide for beginners will make your learning easier. 

Make your motivation tangible

Java is easier to learn than other languages, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be challenging. To master Java, you need to study and practice daily. You need to have an objective behind your hard work to get success in your goal. Having a clear motivation will push you through the challenges. You need to set the goal like you want to build a game or become a full-time career as a java developer.

Create an education plan

Making an education plan for your learning will make or break you as a new java learner. With the help of an education plan, you will know when and what to study. Start with the basics and set a weekly curriculum. Before starting, many people will have a doubt about how long it takes to master java, but there is no specific time. It completely depends on your skill. A committed and organized learner will learn faster and smarter than someone who doesn’t plan it out. If you are more serious about learning java, then you can spend 2 hours per weekday and 4 hours per day on the weekend. If you follow this, then you will probably complete it in 4-7 months. 

Download java development kit (JDK)

java for beginners

JDK is a development environment where you can document and compile java applications. It has all the basic tools that are required to write and develop java. This JDK package included JRE- Java Runtime Environment and JVM – Java Virtual Machine. JRE offers the libraries and components to execute your code and application, and JVM runs your java bytecodes and implements your code on any platform. 

Wrapping up

Even if you have knowledge of other programming languages, you need to start with the basics while learning java. Because the basics of java are crucial for building a strong foundation and ensuring success. Nowadays, many online platforms help you to learn java at your place.